Time To Talk Mixer

Time to talk about a new mixer.

First, let’s make sure we talk to the person who’ll be operating it. (Please!)

So, what are the reviews from the Church Audio operators that have “Gone Digital”?
Well, ………..mixed! Most of the reviews you will hear are connected to how the decision was made  – to “Go Digital.” Buy-in is a must with your volunteers if you want to see new tools produce new results.




For us,(the designer and installer) it’s a great new digital world. Yes, it makes everything better.

It sounds better, it takes up less space, it’s loaded with features  (you can recall last Sunday’s scene), it looks cool!  On and on….
So every church needs a digital mixer then, right? Our answer is, ……not so fast. Unfortunately, the growing church typically is doing the best it can to keep the same media team in place while also relying heavily on volunteer help. Contrary to what customers will ask, in someways, a fancy new digital mixer can actually be better when there is a lack of trained help. It’s important to note, that operating any sound board gets a better result when the operator is consistently the same person / (people) and gaining new training and experience regularly.
So how can a digital mixer fix your sound issues?

Possibly the single most important factor when deciding to go with an analog or digital mixer  can come down to the person operating it. Yep, you still need this person plugged in.

There are two scenarios to justify sticking with an analog mixer. The first is budget (although this becomes less of a factor each year).  The second is when you have an extraordinary sound person who does an amazing job; has a faithful history of amazing work / help at the church, and is making it clear that they want a new analog mixer. They have researched both options and will never enjoy this work again if you buy a digital mixer. Listen to your people!

Outside of those two things, you have to go digital.

Your quality of sound will improve; potential for more consistent and effective ministry will improve, and all future a/v equipment purchases can build off of a digital mixer. An analog mixer purchase in today’s world equals limitations to do anything modern. Recording, using quality effects and dynamics, recalling your Sunday morning settings after the youth group had a rock concert, On and on.

“But, the sound guys are just learning.” – Great. Might as well learn on something modern the first time. A digital mixer also allows you to “limit” what can be adjusted. This is crucial for someone who is learning. If proper instruction has been supplied by the company who installed your mixer, your “newbie sound guy” almost can’t miss. Coming in Sunday morning on an analog mixer that the Pastor’s son has tweaked all weekend – means trouble.

All in all, a digital mixer is an incredible tool for worship and more affordable than ever. Let us know if we can arrange a demo for you AND your sound operators. Take them out for lunch while you’re at it.
Time well spent!

Today’s digital mixers start as low as $1300. Let us know if we can get you more information.

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