Updating with JBL

McDonough, Ga Church Updates with JBL

After battling inadequate sound coverage for years with the outdated center cluster system of long ago.  First Assembly of McDonough decided to upgrade with 4 JBL PRX415’s.

FAM-ClusterUpon entering it was easy to identify the old system needing updated.  The Classic wood-grain box hung from chain is in no short order here in the Atlanta area. It has been around since the 80’s and continues to make an appearance in most older churches in need of updating.  In it’s day it was a thing of beauty to behold the massive wood-like structure high above the stage.  However, these days the wooden panels seem to go hand-in-hand with polyester suits and the smell of 20 year old blue carpet.

The Center Cluster configuration still remains a valid practice and can produce dynamic results when designed and instituted correctly.  However it can also lead to comb filtering and inadequate coverage when installed without a careful consideration to the details.  In this case it just wasn’t getting the job done when it came to covering the entire room.

We agreed with Pastor Steve Snider that the wooden antiques needed a rest, and as their replacement we decided on the JBL PRX415. Its a non-powered 15″ high power woofer with a 1″ polymer diaphragm compression driver.  The 415’s have a 90 x 50 degree coverage area with which we were able to completely cover the room to Pastor Snider’s liking.  After a couple of tweaks to the main EQ’s from their old settings we were in business.  The PRX415’s have a nice smooth sound that reinforces the reason JBL has been around so long.  They obviously know how to make great sounding speakers that are built to last.

We are glad Pastor Snider and his church chose Sound Principles and JBL.  We believe it’s a winning combination every time.

For more information on the JBL PRX415’s, Check out JBL’s website at:






Article by Joel Kent, 
General Manager of Sound Principles Pro Multimedia Group in Jonesboro, Ga.

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